Happy Mother’s Day…

When the world came crashing down,
You stood by us like a rock.

When we were helpless and confused,
You stowed your pain away to guide us.

You turned into our partner-in-crime,
Partaking in all our whimsical doings.

You loved to gossip with us about everything our lives involved,
Friends, Boyfriends, Family.

You were a parent when necessary,
But a best friend at all times.

When we thought we had lost it all,
You showed us you could double your role.

Tracking our monthly cycles, listening to our sobs,
Are we crazy children or are you just the coolest?

Boy, aren’t we lucky to have you.
Lucky to have a parent who turned into a best friend.

We are yet to come to terms with Her passing,
But Dad, you never made us feel lonely.

Being a dad may have been an easy feat,
But being a dad wearing mom’s cloak is the strongest job this world has seen.

So, this year and all the years to come,
Cheers to you on this special day!

Happy Mother’s Day, Dad!

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