I see them through the balcony

The sun has risen, and the blinds have opened and I know that it’s a new day yet again.

It’s several months since the quarantine now and I no longer know what day of the week it is anymore.

People occasionally seem to pop out of their house at a certain time of the day and that time of day seems to be unique to every household.

There is an elderly couple doing thirty minutes of jaywalking in the morning because they trust the fact that the younger generation will not wake up when the sun’s rays start stretching, dog owners out at several random times of the day for their bored pets to answer nature’s calls and not to forget the highly enthusiastic couples in workout gear racing against the sun and walking several laps until the nightfall peeks in.

Everyone seems to be walking the fear of the pandemic away, to feel like things are normal, to feel like the world is able to trust a handshake again.

But, nevertheless, an enforced routine has seemed to set in. With shelter-in-place orders, there is only so much you can do from home.

Every morning, she wakes up and pulls the blinds apart. And it feels reassuring to see her again on a new day – pulling apart yesterday’s stresses to let in today’s rays of hope.

She and her husband have taken to a routine. I see them, through the balcony, happily sipping on the first soulful cup of chai. I can tell it’s soulful because of the thankful way she looks at him as she takes her first sip. He hands it to her first thing every morning and that’s how their souls wake up.


They have their work sorted out, and go for walks twice a day (definitely the third category of walkers, these two).

She cooks, he cleans, they have a sweet balance of chores to infuse variety in their otherwise monotonous work life.

They come out to the balcony, staring at the clear Californian skies. I’m not really sure what they are thinking about. I can guess though. Going by the smiles on their faces, I can tell they talk about the cuteness of the two squirrels that are seen chasing each other, relentlessly, everyday.

Personally, squirrels are annoying. Take it from me.

They seem to do this everyday, with a positive attitude and I know it’s hard for them during this time of COVID-crazy-conditions, but they bring me hopes of a better tomorrow.

And as the day ends and it’s almost nightfall, she closes the blinds and calls it a day. I smile, knowing I will see them again tomorrow.

My branches are tired and my leaves need some space – if only these annoying squirrels would get off my back. Good Lord.


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