Let's #flattenthecurve with social distancing

Is this war?

Between a novel virus and this world? Or is this really a fight between common sense and the lack of it?

Quarantine is in order and COVID19 cases this month are outpacing the last three months put together.

We hear the news everyday about how the virus caused several businesses to send their employees home, schools to close, universities to start online classes after the spring break and major events to defer, if not cancel.

Yet, the seriousness of this disease is not met with, well, seriousness.

Take this for example.

A woman in South Korea who showed COVID19-like symptoms, casually hung out with a friend for lunch. She also visited a Church that day. She was later tested positive.

It was brought to light she had been in several crowded spots during her travel from Wuhan, China to Seoul, South Korea, thus giving rise to new clusters of this virus.

Paying no heed to simple rules, being wildly foolish about the situation and taking these waves of sickness for granted is a pathetic reminder of how we as humans have failed this planet as a whole – yet again.

This woman, who is infamously known as Patient 31, is responsible for approximately 50% of the cases in South Korea.

Let’s visualize this.
Seen this graph before?

Source: CDC

This is the epidemic curve that shows the steep increase in infectious diseases that eventually drops when people become immune to the virus.

The slower the increase in the slope of the curve, the slower is the spread of the disease and the lesser the number of people ending up in hospitals.

Because, with the current rate of increase in infected people, hospitals are bogged down without sufficient care units and personnel.

We really NEED to #flattenthecurve.

As a means to curb the spread, epidemiologists have suggested Social Distancing to level off the infection. The idea is to stay at least 6ft away from another person at all times, avoid social gatherings and indulging in community events.

Remember, a single person’s carelessness or senseless selfishness can start ripple effects with unimaginable consequences.

R0 scale is a measure of the average number of people who can catch the disease from ONE contagious person.

We are all grappling with the current events, unsure of what’s to come.

It becomes our moral obligation to follow health safety rules for the welfare of the human race at large.

We will get through this, together!

Until then, be responsible, be safe, and stay at home!

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html

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