Welcome to my living room

My living room is a snug place. It makes me feel welcomed, it screams comfort and it is hand-designed by yours truly. When we first moved in, I pondered over several ideas on how to decorate this space. I followed a bajillion instagram pages and drooled over the beauty and simplicity in those pictures.

I learnt techniques like the rule of thirds, I read blogs on how to decorate your wall, I just went all in! That’s when I realized, these pictures don’t make me feel at home. They sure make me feel at an Airbnb! But, what is home without imperfections. I had no preconceived design painted out in my head, I just went with the flow.

I knew I wanted colors because I am all about feeling colorful. I was hell bent on sticking to my roots aka adding a desi touch. Most of all, when N and I walk in, we wanted our home to hug us back.

The easiest component was the couch. To me, he’s the oldest of the lot, the responsible one, the one who keeps you grounded when all the approbation pours in. He’s a fabric guy with no showy colors, but like a cloud laden with rain, ready to let its comfort pour.

You would look at him and think…absolutely nothing! He’s that mundane. Little do you realize the calm he brings to the space with his pot-bellied cushions. Plop yourself on it and you thank the lords for the comfort. Embellished with just a humble throw, it feels like a mink pelt against your skin as you sink into this gray 3-seater. 

The couch was also the yardstick against which every other addition was made. The TV stand, was easy too. He came from the IKEA family – black-brown and an inhumane mass. Carrying the mile-long boxes before we could get home to assemble it and make a TV stand out of it, Oh My God, we deserved an award.

But he turned out bee-aauu-tiful nevertheless, and along with him waltzed his cousin, the coffee table, the holder of books, the bearer of candles, and server of coffee. It was starting to take shape.

The carpet was the most hardest feature. She defined the mood of the setting, and everything else that existed, solely existed because of her presence – Mother of Furnitures, if you will. We did several trips back and forth trying to imagine which one of the many sheets of carpet would fit in. 

Picture this. Have you caught yourself trying to measure the width of a frame with your arms and walked in that fixed pose (without breathing, in case your breathing moves your arms), towards the wall where you wanted to hang your frame? We did just that, but for a carpet. No, we are not insane.

It actually wasn’t that bad. By now, you should have understood my passion for exaggerations. 😉

So, after a lot of tiresome trips, I decided I had to make a decision. I had to take risks because why shouldn’t one? We picked the most appealing carpet. In she came, gracefully laid out in the centre of the living room, with blue and pink hues. In all honesty, she looked like a beautiful Rangoli in the middle of our home.

To accentuate her already heightened beauty, we added two blue colored chairs with contrasting cushions and I couldn’t be happier. The walls had frames with pictures of us perched on one side and a Tanjore painting on the other side of the accent chairs.

Elephant-idol hangings laced our blinds and I simply loved the originality we had to our space. We added souvenirs from our travel to the TV unit and completed the wall with a mirror. 

Our living room is soaked in our passion for colors, designs, desi-ness and imperfections alike. Will she feature in the next issue of Beautiful Homes? Probably Not. But, she is too perfect for us to care.

And every time we walk in, she embraces us with utmost love and we are ever so grateful for the warmth we feel as we plop on our couch while we unwind for the day.

* If you are new to my blog, N is my husband, shortened for convenience and prevention of jargon.

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