Can you feel like a tourist at home?

It’s been several years since I left the country, but it is still the only place that feels like home.

The tiny squiggle at the crown of the Indonesian archipelago is a modest representation of the vast heritage and culture this country upholds. Singapore – the tropical island which provides an experience that is nothing short of a fireworks show.

I’ve spent a little over a decade in Singapore, which spanned across my entire childhood. All throughout my growing ages, I’ve been soaking in the culture, cuisine, and way of life that this place had to offer.

However, it’s taken me more years than it should have to realize how much I had under-appreciated the country’s beauty.

I claim this since the much hyped tourist attractions that puff up the place, were often a weekend affair, and also a vacation meant going out of the country and not touring within.

This place I call home, was something I wanted to go back to. Opportunely, one of my honeymoon stops happened to be Singapore and I was finally heading home- 15 years later.

Courtesy: Gardens by the bay official website

Going back home had me reliving every moment of my childhood. This time, however, I wanted to experience, the life of a tourist in this country by visiting someplace new.

I can talk at length about absolutely anything there, but the one singular incident I will not forget, is our visit to Gardens by the Bay. From afar, one can see glass trees like tall cake pedestals sprouting from the ground with the neck of these trees blooming to disperse vein-like branches. These glass trees are decked in creepers and glass stalks.

They appear as if purposely scattered all over the land, creating an illusion of a forest. When night falls, these trees come alive to dance to the tunes of the Garden Rhapsody. A skywalk connecting these bejeweled trees allows tourists to drop their jaws from a much higher altitude. Gardens by the bay are in the literal sense, gardens by the bay.

It houses a cloud forest and a flower dome both of which are futuristic man-made conservatories.

The undulating Singapore Strait sits like a tinkling anklet at the foot of these attractions.

Walking along the skywalk around 7pm, my husband and I felt like we were in an enchanted forest.

The SuperTree Grove as they call it, hypnotized us with its massive architecture and bewitching night-light. While we basked in this magical experience, I exhaled proudly while the warm fuzzy feeling of being at home remained ignited still.

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